Election Day Activities

This is a fully loaded unit with activities and learning to talk about elections in kindergarten.

Activities and resources include:

  • Voter Registration Application and Voter Registration Card
  • I Voted necklace (like the stickers)
  • Two close reads. Read these together and students take notes or draw pictures.
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Class President Application (an activity for everyone not just those who want to run)
  • Vote for Me poster
  • Campaign sign kids make for themselves or whomever
  • Different writing pages with prompts and pictures to inspire certain ideas
  • Word wall cards in color and black and white.

This also includes several MOCK ELECTIONS: Class Snack, The Greatest Cookie, Duck or Farmer Brown, and Class Stuffed Pet. Each election includes:

  • Word wall or anchor chart cards
  • Think about it page so kids can think on their own
  • Pro’s and Cons page so students can discuss and record
  • Voting ballot with picture clues
  • Election results math page
  • Two writing pages with different line styles

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