Letter P Sight Word Book

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Use these editable sight word book to practice decoding for each letter. These books:

  • Use CVC words first. If there are not enough decodable words for 6 sentences, then we move to words that have blends, digraphs, or silent e words that are typically taught in kindergarten.
  • The consonants include words with initial sounds with the exception of X which is final sound sound placement.
  • Vowels include sentences that have medial short vowel sound. Students cannot decode the word apple, alligator, and ambulance and so this keeps the students not depend on the pictures while decoding.
  • Books are editable so you can use the predictable text format for the sight words OR change them up so each sentence in the book had different words.

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If you like this printable, you can get the entire set of Sight Word Alphabet Books here.

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