Classroom Elf with Kindness Chain

Holiday Classroom Elf and Kindness Chain is the perfect activity for your December plans! Spread cheer and kindness in your classroom with these editable & printable kindness activities!

Students will love learning about the Holiday Thoughtful Elf and completing a kindness chain along with a kindness journal, certificate, easy reader, and more!

This is an exciting way to promote kindness and cheer this holiday season!

Included in this download:

  • Editable arrival letter
  • Print & go easy reader teaching what classroom elves do
  • Graphic organizers to describe classroom elves
  • Color and black/white kindness chain
  • 30 task chains to do to spread good deeds, appropriate school behaviors, and cheer & kindness throughout the school
  • Discussion or brainstorming graphic organizers to talk about each task specifically
  • Reflection prompts for students to think about what they did that day.
  • Editable departure letter
  • Honorary classroom elf certificate
  • Cheer & Joy Journal cover to reflect on all the things you do

Writing prompts include everything from looking at the speaker while talking to helping push in other people’s chairs as well as giving someone a compliment and playing with someone new at recess.

Everything you need for a complete unit on Holiday Classroom Elves! Promote kindness and cheer in your classroom!

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