Editable Kindergarten Name Tags

The low-prep & personalized student resources—Editable Name Tags perfect for your preschool and kindergarten students.

⭐ Neat and Professional Appearance

  • Neatly Printed Names: Ensure your students’ names are presented clearly and accurately, providing an excellent model for young children learning letter placement and formation.

⭐ Educational Features

  • Color Words: Introduce and reinforce color recognition with vibrant color words included on each name tag.
  • Number Line to 20: Help students with counting and number recognition, complete with a handy number line.
  • Left and Right-Hand Indicators: Support early learners in distinguishing between left and right with easy-to-understand indicators.
  • Alphabet Strip with Science of Reading Reading Aligned Keywords: Each name tag includes an alphabet strip with Science of Reading-aligned keywords, aiding in phonics and sound recognition for early learners.

Edit these files in Adobe. Tape them to your desks or use them in plastic sleeve protectors.

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